I recently edited and organised my kitchen under-sink.

We moved home a few months ago, and this was the first time in 10 years that I had a ‘open’ cupboard underneath my sink. In my previous home, we’d designed our kitchen to have deep pull out drawers, which were amazing and neatly stored all our washing up products, but we also had a separate drawer to store our tea towels.

In the interim, whilst we settled in our new home, we were using the large IKEA Variera storage boxes to store our washing up bits (which we already had and I’ve used them for years!).

My vision for the small space, was to store a number of things, my day to day washing up essentials (any overflow products are stored in our utility room), bin bags, dishwasher detergent & salt etc and also our tea towels.

Disappointedly, after measuring the internal space, and factoring in the water pipes etc, the space was small and therefore my storage options became limited. I really wanted to have some pull out storage racks, but there wasn’t the space.

I decided to maximise the vertical height of the space and that a stacking system would be the solution. I purchased these Smartstore white plastic storage containers, they also come with matching lids (I highly recommend the clear version, for fridges etc and I’ve been using and recommending them for years), I knew that they would be perfect. The Smartstore storage boxes are so good, they were sold out for sometime just before Christmas and even now certain products are still unavailable!

The storage boxes come in a number of sizes, but I find that the Medium sized boxes, are perfect for fridges and in this instance my under-sink.

I chose the Smartstore white version, as I didn’t want the items within the boxes to be visible. I personally find an all clear system overwhelming, especially, when it comes to non food products.

I used these air tight tall food storage containers to decant the dishwasher tabs and salt. They are square, so fit in the space perfectly and take up less precious room than their original packaging. Plus, the added bonus, is that my husband and I can see when the products are running low!

Smartstore White Medium Sized box:


Matching White Medium Sized Lid:


Large Airtight Storage Containers 3.5L, set of 3:


Medium Airtight Storage Containers, 1200ml, set of 3:




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