Before a home move, renovation and/or due to a bereavement, planning a wrap & pack of yours and your loved ones precious belongings is key in storing them safely but also effectively!



When doing a wrap & pack for my clients and/or for my own projects/home moves, I always start by doing a general declutter of the items before they’re then packed away. This will help streamline the process, making it quicker = less wrapping, less items = less storage, plus you’re only keeping the items you love, use and need!

I start by ordering packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, large sticky labels and the correct type of storage boxes for the items that are going to be packed/stored away. I always recommend, stackable plastic storage boxes, with sturdy clips, for the more delicate items, decor and crockery.

The process:

✅ Start by grouping similar items together; picture frames, glassware, ceramics etc. You could go even further by creating sub categories, of sets of items, by collection, brand and theme
✅ Take photos of the items, in small groups. The photos will be printed off and/or digitally stored in an album on your phone/laptop etc. This is a fantastic visual aid that will help you remember what has been packed in each box
✅ Make a list of all the items that are being placed in the same box onto a sticky label. The label will be placed on the outside of each storage box
✅ Wrap the items in bubble wrap or wrapping paper
✅ Place the items in the box and remember not to overfill!
✅ Technology can also help you with the process, you can download a storage app, e.g BoxOrganizer-Inventory, and use QR codes that will be placed on each box before you start and scan items either digitally or input manually onto your mobile.

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