How I Work

How I Work With You in 4 Simple Steps!


  • A free and confidential 30 minute introduction call and/or video consultation to discuss your home organising needs. On a video call, you can walk me through your space and show me the rooms/areas you would like to edit, organise and style. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know me better too!

  • After our consultation, I will email you a tailored price proposal/quote, a copy of my T&Cs and my Privacy Policy. On confirming that you would like to work with me, I will send you a 50% deposit invoice to secure my in-home and /or in-person services, for your chosen date(s). Please note, full payment for the remaining balance, required 48hrs in advance of our first session.

  • There is no need to tidy your home and/or purchase any additional storage in advance of our first session.

  • Let’s get started! By entrusting in me and engaging in my services, I will plan and guide you through the decluttering and organisational process. At the end of each session, I will ensure your home is clean and tidy. Plus I will take away, if needed, a maximum of 10 bags of good quality clothing donations.


The first step is a no-fee and confidential 30 minute introduction call/or video consultation:

We will discuss the needs of your home or business space and how I can assist you to transform your home and life, either in-home or virtually.

In-home: I will come to your home and/or office space, and collaboratively work with you, or work independently,  to physically edit and organise your belongings and/or equipment.

Virtually: I offer a 1-hour video support service using FaceTime and or WhatsApp, at £40:00 per hour.

This is a great affordable option for those of you who:

  • Need beginners advice on how to start streamlining and organising your home, workspace and or specific area;
  • You are outside my travel catchment area and you would still like to work with me;
  • Or, as many of my long-term clients have done, use the virtual service, as a ‘Top-up Maintanance Tool’ inbetween physical in-home sessions.

I provide support and guidance for my virtual clients by providing an action plan, which is emailed in advance of the session, and follow up session support by email and or by telephone call.

What happens once you confirm your session(s) with The Lifestyle Organiser?:

In-home and or Virtually: When you confirm a date and time, for your first in-home or virtual session(s) with me, to secure the booking, I will require a non-refundable 50% deposit (for each assignment). The deposit will be credited against each booking when invoiced. Please note, full payment for the remaining balance, required 48hrs in advance of our first session.

Key information to know in advance of a booked session:

Confidential and without judgement:

My services are entirely confidential and without judgement. From the moment you contact me and throughout our working relationship, I will not share or disclose any information. I am governed both by APDO’s Code of Ethics and ICO UK’s statutory regulations on information sharing and privacy.

How long will it take?:

Every client and their home are unique, therefore transforming a specific room or entire home can vary in length of time to achieve.

This is dependent on a number of factors; the number of belongings within the home or space that will need to be edited and organised, to the size of the room or property, to how quickly you are able to make decisions and whether we are working together collaboratively or if I am working independently.

I will provide an estimate and quote for each project, based on the information discussed and provided in our consultation/video call. This will be emailed to you promptly, with a copy of my Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

How far does The Lifestyle Organiser travel?:

I am happy to travel up to 50 miles from my business postcode, provided that the journey time does not exceed 1 hour and 30 minutes (during peak travel time).

Please note, that for any journey over 10 miles, each way, from my business postcode, there will be a mileage charge of 47 pence per additional mile. The mileage charges, will be included in the price proposal for my services.

Access to your home:

As part of my service, I carry a kit bag, additional equipment, and I take away clothing donations at the end of each session. Therefore, it would be practical and convenient, if I am able to park on your drive and or in an allotted car parking space near your residence. I am happy to park on road, if there is no residential parking, but not on a main road or more than a 15 minute walk away from the property or place of business.

In addition, if I have to park in a car park, the expense of the stay will be the client’s and will be added to the final invoice. Please note, that the car park cannot be more than a 15 minute walk to the client’s property or place of business. 

Is there a need to purchase storage items?:

In general, there is no need to purchase any additional items and or storage equipment, in advance of our first session, as I will always aim to use the existing items you have in your home and or office. I will bring with me, as part of my service, rubbish bags, my trusty label maker (I actually have 2!), sticky labels and other tools etc. 

If there are any requirements to purchase additional items, in advance of a session, these will be listed in the proposal, with links to recommended products.

Working safely with you:

The UK Government, in March 2022, confirmed that all Covid 19 restrictions had been lifted. However, for those client’s or client family members who are medically vulnerable, I will continue to adhere to my Covid-19 Safety Guidelines. 

Please refer to The Lifestyle Organiser’s Covid 19 Safety Guidelines in the Terms & Conditions, for more details.

Let’s get started!:

Your vision and objectives:

I will incorporate your key objectives and always work to your vision, mindful of your daily routines and how you live in your home. It is your space after all!

With the majority of my client’s, we work together as a team, alongside each other, when editing and organising a room or area in your home.

When it comes to decluttering, it is important that you are present in the session, to make the decisions, as to which of your belongings are staying, being donated and/or recycled.

I am also happy to work independently, where the focus of the session is a reorganisation, styling and or the unpacking of belongings in a room and/or space.

The aim of any editing and organising session, is to keep and relocate the items that you truly love within your home. My role is to be supportive and offer you guidance. I will never coerce you into discarding your belongings. I will not remove any items from your home, without your consent.

Decluttering and organising can be physically and emotionally demanding!:

I will always work at your own pace,  you can take as many breaks as you need. However, please note, that this may have an impact on what is achievable in the booked sessions, and what has been set out in my proposal.

Taking away your donations: At the end of each session, I am happy to take away, free of charge, a maximum of 10 bags of good quality and unsoiled charitable donations of clothing and children’s toys (please read my Terms & Conditions for full details). The donations are given to The St Nicholas Hospice, based in Bury St Edmunds. Please visit my guide on my Lifestyle Tips page: “What can you donate to your local UK Charity Shop”.

I do not have a Waste Carrier Licence and therefore I am unable to take away home decor, books, used pillows & duvets, furniture, recycling and or general rubbish. However, arrangements can be made, at the client’s cost, for a third party to collect and take away the items.

Getting in touch:

To arrange your FREE confidential consultation with me, please click on the below ‘Let’s Talk’ box to email me or call me directly on 07533330115. I look forward to speaking with you! 

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