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I’m Elizabeth, an APDO Accredited Professional Home Organiser & Declutter Expert.

I service the areas of Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex & Norfolk.

I’ve been professionally organising people’s lives for 13 years and running my dedicated Professional Home Organising business for over 3 years.

I work with busy homeowners, time-poor professionals, hard-working parents, and on-the-go retirees, to declutter & organise their homes and lives. I’ve given them back what they value most; their time, peace of mind, and joy in their clutter-free homes!

“I Help You Live The Life You Want To Live!”

As your local Home Organiser, I provide a bespoke and discreet in-person decluttering & organising service, as everyone’s homes and lifestyle requirements are unique.

I guide you in identifying the items you truly need, that you love and will add value to you & your family’s lives. I incorporate your key objectives, mindful of your daily routines, when planning functional and stylish organisational systems, so that you can easily maintain your home after I’ve left.

My aim is to always build trust with my client’s, so that the process of bringing order and calm to their homes and spaces, is ultimately a positively life changing experience and as stress-free as possible! This is why so many of them have become repeat & long-standing clients. Please refer to a selection of their positive and gracious testimonials in the banner below.

By investing in my professional decluttering & organising services, you will be able to reap the benefits of a beautifully organised home, in the months and years to come. Only when you look back, you will wish you’d engaged in my services sooner!

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Let’s Get Organised Together!

“After a busy house move, I couldn’t find the energy to unpack all the boxes in my new home. Too many months passed, and the boxes were getting me down. I felt better as soon as I’d contacted Elizabeth. In our initial video call she was warm and friendly, and when she came to my home she was full of energy and enthusiasm and worked hard with me to get through as much as we could on each occasion. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and feel confident that I can get to an organised, tidy house with not too much unused stuff. I’m still going to ask Elizabeth to keep coming as it’s much easier with her by my side. Thank you Elizabeth!”


“Elizabeth was simply brilliant! Having recently moved into a new house, my storage situation was pretty chaotic but order has been restored thanks to a needed blitz of my wardrobes and chest of drawers. We had a good sort out and I’ve got a plan of action to remedy the remaining things on my house to-do list. Elizabeth shared plenty of tips and tricks to keep the clutter and mess at bay so I’m looking forward to putting those into action. Thanks Elizabeth – it was a pleasure spending an afternoon with you!”


“Elizabeth has been working with us for over six months now to help us organise our busy home. I originally asked Elizabeth to help arrange my bedroom as I was heading back into the office three days a week and needed to be organised and be able to get out of the house efficiently in the morning! Since that initial project, we have asked Elizabeth to help organise the rest of our home (including kitchen, office and children’s rooms). Elizabeth is always thoughtful and considerate and professional in every way. We really feel we are part of a team with Elizabeth. Elizabeth is very collaborative and responsive to our ideas and thoughts (for example, we like to use eco solutions where possible). Elizabeth has not only done a fantastic job organising my bedroom but also organising the children’s bedrooms. Elizabeth has made systems that mean the children (and I) can find things easily and tidy rooms quickly. The systems and organisation across our home have been so helpful in making our everyday lives easier and home calmer. We highly recommend Elizabeth. Thank you so much!”


“I’d give Elizabeth 10 stars if I could! My bedroom is so wonderfully tidy and organised. I even sleep better. I hadn’t been able to put my clean clothes away completely for years and had so much stuff I no longer wore. We did a big edit and hung everything up, folded the rest and put it into baskets. I would highly recommend Elizabeth. She’s also a really lovely person.”


“I worked with Elizabeth to help me organise our home office, children’s arts and crafts area and pantry. Elizabeth was a pleasure to work with and suggested incredibly practical yet stylish solutions. Her planning was meticulous and together we created beautiful, organised spaces conducive to family life and most of all practical! I would thoroughly recommend Elizabeth to anyone wanting to create functional, stylish and practical living spaces.”


“Elizabeth has been working with me for 2 years! From editing my paperwork, streamlining my wardrobe, auditing my cherished belongings and organising my life! Her work is exemplary. She has worked diligently and with happiness, to help convert my household disorder into order. Elizabeth has helped  me so much, in so many ways and she has given me, a sense of joy and accomplishment. I now feel relaxed and ‘sorted’. We all need this sense of order in our lives. Thank you Elizabeth – you are absolutely amazing!”


“Elizabeth has done an outstanding job of tidying my life up! As a naturally messy person and someone who is always on the go – my belongings were always in a mess and it used to cause me unnecessary stress! The impact Elizabeth’s work has had on my stress and anxiety levels is huge. I now look forward to coming home and keeping my house tidy. I had always thought it was a bit exuberant to have a life organiser but now I’m convinced it’s the best investment I’ve made! Thank you so much.”



“Elizabeth really understands the process of linking the things that are important to you and finding a natural home for them. She is also very good at making you take all the micro decisions required to help declutter your life. She adds some objectivity to the process and has a system that works. As a person that suffers from fatigue and physical disability I was pleased she was able to adapt so I could physically cope with the sessions. Elizabeth is very easy to get on with and really wants to help you. Next Spring I intend to bring her back to tackle other projects around the house and look forward to making further progress. It is very easy to recommend her services.

I am so pleased I found her.”


“I can sincerely say that asking Elizabeth to come and do some work for my mum has been the best decision. My mum has rejuvenated from getting her house in order – with  her mountains of paperwork, some decades old, now filtered, filed and sorted; belongings, be it clothes, decorative items or utilitarian items all now sifted through, and sorted.  Elizabeth has been so professional  and efficient as well as kind and patient throughout the process. Truly a gem of a find. Thank you Elizabeth.”



“I’m a busy Mum and business owner always on the go.  My personal admin and general organisation around the house had taken a back seat and I needed help to get back on track.  Elizabeth was amazing, organised, chatty and focused on what I wanted to achieve.  It gave me the confidence to throw away papers I didn’t need and create one workable filing system.  My house is now organised with everything in its place.  A perfect pantry, washroom, fridge and cupboards.  With a few key tools and the right direction,  Elizabeth has helped me to get everything in order so I can focus on my family and business.  Thank you!”



“An absolutely brilliant service. I really wanted to bring more organisation to our house to make life a little easier but didn’t know where to start. Elizabeth was brilliant, she comes with so many ideas and gentle suggestions to work with your life. We’ve had a follow-up email and will have another call once we have more storage in place! Thank you Elizabeth, I’m looking forward to sorting more rooms with you!”




Your 5 Steps To A Beautifully Organised Home

My Services Include:


I work with you in identifying what is truly needed in your home. I then declutter, reorganise and style the areas, to not only maximise the space but create beautifully organised spaces:


From declutterring, streamlining and curating, not only your clothing, but also transforming all wardrobes, walk in closets, dressers etc. The right organisational systems can bring order to the clothing chaos. Having a curated wardrobe makes it easier for you and your family members, to see what you all own, and will create less stress when getting ready for school, work and life!


I plan and put in place practical and functional storage systems that benefit the whole family. Not only can this process save you money, as you will see clearly all the food items you have stored, but it will also help you to reduce your food waste and become more sustainable in the long-term;


Helping you with specific rooms and spaces within your home, including home offices, adult’s & children’s bedrooms, children’s playrooms, utility rooms, craft/hobby rooms, linen cupboards and lofts;


I work with you to create and implement the vision you have for your living spaces, not only in its functionality but in line with its overall aesthetic.


Both life support services can be used either separately or in-conjunction with each other.


This service is perfect for busy individuals who need extra support in running their homes and lives: 

  • I complete and process application forms, both online and in hardcopy formats;
  • Diary management: scheduling your everyday appointments; from sourcing tradespeople, to arranging your next dentist check-up!;
  • Shopping for special gifts & gift wrapping;
  • Helping you to book your families social activities and or holidays; arranging your accommodation, assisting you with all your travel arrangements, and creating detailed itineraries.


This is a paperwork & digital reorganisation solution service, for individuals working from home, entrepreneurs, and for those individuals overwhelmed with life’s paperwork:

  • From streamlining and reorganising your paperwork into efficient and easy to use labelled systems;
  • To helping you create new digital filing systems online;
  • I offer assistance in guiding you in clearing out your email in-boxes and setting up efficient and simple diary/calendar systems.


Helping individuals, couples & families, and those who are going through significant life changes such as divorce, marriage, bereavement, with moving home, downsizing and /or about to commence or have completed home renovations projects:  

  • Assisting you with the sale of your property or before home renovations begin, by decluttering & editing your belongings, so you only take and/or keep the items you truly need, use and love;
  • Provide home styling services, so that your home looks its best for house listing sale photographs & viewings, and/or after you have completed the works in your home;
  • Once you’ve moved home, I help you unpack your belongings in specific rooms, so that primary areas i.e. your ‘new’ kitchen is operational and ready to go!
  • Reorganising and styling your belongings in your new or post renovated space and/or home.


This service, includes full measurements & product research plus 2D & 3D room layout plans, for any room and/or space within the home:

  • The service can be added to any Lifestyle Transformation Room Package. It is one of my most popular and requested  ‘add ons’ for kitchens, pantries and utility rooms.
  • This is also a standalone service. If you need my help in putting in place tailored storage solutions in your home, I can create a ‘look book’ of stylish and practical product recommendations, which will also complement your current home decor.

My Sustainability Mission

I’m committed to working sustainably and in minimising my environmental footprint on our beautiful planet!

I prioritise and implement, when working with my clients, the use of eco-friendly techniques, focusing on reusing, repurposing, and recycling as much as possible. All good quality donations are distributed to local charities.

I’m always mindful of reducing the amount of waste that is processed during client sessions. I’ll always recommend the use of sustainable and recycled materials whenever possible.

I’m always exploring innovative methods to enhance the sustainability of The Lifestyle Organiser’s operations. To further reduce my own carbon footprint and CO2 emissions, I invested in the purchase of an electric car to travel to and from my client’s homes. Since making the switch to electric, in late 2023, I have saved over 1000kg of CO2!

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