A space saving kitchen storage solution (no screws involved!)

These brushed aluminium stick-on hooks available from AIKIK, Amazon UK, (link below), are perfect to use on the inside of cupboard doors etc. Especially if you’re reluctant to use screw-in options.


They’re quite weighty and just look really smart.

Coincidentally, we actually have the screw-in versions, of these wall hooks in our bathroom, they look identical to these ones!

I have limited drawer space, in my new kitchen, which is where my oven gloves used to live in my old home.

I was looking for a smarter solution, than the standard white plastic hooks.

These were slightly more expensive, £11:99 for a pack of four. They come in different styles and finishes. I wanted the hooks to match my kitchen cupboard handles – so the brushed aluminium was the perfect option!

Top Tip: Remember to measure out where you want the hooks to be positioned on your cupboard door. This helps to make sure they’re located in the right place.

Also, look out for any obstructions, so that the door can close easily, once the hooks are in place.

To use simply take off the backing sticker. The instructions state to heat the sticky backing with hot heat from a hairdryer.

Then loosely position, until you’re happy with the placement of the hook.

Then press firmly. The instructions state to leave the hooks for 24 hrs, before hanging anything from them.

Top Tip: if you do position the hook incorrectly, blast the hooks with hot air from a hairdryer. This helps to loosen the hook. Carefully, with a blunt-edged knife (standard cutlery) prise off the hook.

Blast the sticky backing again, with heat from a hairdryer, and then re-position the hook and press firmly.

I’ve also placed these hooks on my sink cupboard door to hang my tea towels.

What do you think? Would you use these hooks in your kitchen and or bathroom or maybe use something similar?



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