The Life Organiser loves…to keep a track of use by dates!

It’s essential to keep track of use by dates, and possibly other information, like ingredients etc. especially if you have decanted food into storage containers.

Purely for aesthetic reasons, I usually write or place my use by dates info on the base or side of the storage container. But for ease, you can pop the info on the top of the lid.



A Little Tip: I also like to include the date when I’ve decanted the food items into the storage container.

I use 3 different ‘tools’ to keep a track of use by dates and all are dependent on my client’s personal preferences.

1. White Sharpie Water-Base Poster Paint Marker. I purchase mine directly from @ebayuk. These pens are great for writing on glass, as the ink is durable but washes off easily with hot soapy water

2. Dymo LetraTag LT-100H Label Maker ABC Keyboard. I purchased mine directly from @AmazonUK. You can use a label maker to make neat labels that can be used on any surface. The labels are long lasting and come off easily. Any sticky residue, soak the container in hot soapy water

3. Use the original packaging is an easy and no-expense option. Cut out the use-by date info from the original packaging and use sellotape to secure the container.

Remember to treat your food storage areas as a supermarket would. By checking dates of all products regularly, and ‘bringing forward’ all those items that are either opened and/or by the shortest use by dates. So that they can be consumed first. This also includes the items in your fridge and freezer

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