Decluttering & organising your home before you put it on the market for sale, will not only help you to achieve the best possible sale price but it will help sell it quicker too!

Your home is your biggest asset, so it makes sense you would want to show off – so you can capitalise on it financially, as much as possible!

This time last year, we decided to sell our home. Within 5 days of instructing our estate agent, we accepted an offer on our home! Sold!

Apart from doing some light cleaning, to ensure that everywhere looked sparkly and clean before our viewings, it was minimum effort to get our home market ready and for it to sell promptly!



A recent survey of more than 250 UK estate agents found that freeing up floor space and clearing work surfaces, can push the sale price up by as much as 11 per cent. While a fifth of us wouldn’t even buy a house because it was too cluttered, according to research by Big Yellow Self Storage.

Potential buyers are more discerning these days. They won’t be able to imagine themselves living in your house if there are items all over the home and shoes and bags cluttering the hallway. If your wardrobes are overflowing or cupboards packed so tightly you can’t open the door, it gives the impression there isn’t adequate storage space and potential buyers will start thinking what other problems might be lurking.

Property expert Kate Faulkner says: “Every seller wants to maximise the price of their property. Buyers are very canny these days – fuelled in part by the popularity of property and DIY TV shows – so they will look for reasons to make a lower offer. A cluttered property which is bursting at the seams will not get the full asking price.”

De-cluttering, organising and styling (not just plump cushions and fresh flowers, but those things help too!), your home is one of the most effective and simplest jobs you can do to have a successful house viewing. Taking the time to tidy up and create clear defined spaces will make sure your home is dressed to impressed.

I can help you edit, organise & style your home, so you can increase your chances of it selling quickly and for the best price! Please contact me to arrange a complimentary consultation on 07533330115. I’d love to hear from you, Elizabeth 🌸

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