Most professional organisers will advocate that you don’t need to purchase lots of expensive and or unnecessary storage systems to keep your kitchen organised. I would agree with them (mostly!).

However, sometimes you do find some storage tools, that are not only perfect for keeping your items neatly stored away and help with accessibility but become indispensable.

In my kitchen, I have limited cupboard space but lots of deep pull out drawers. For a number of years, I had kept all my pots and pans, neatly stacked, in size order, in the deep pull out drawer, below my hob. However, over the years, I began to accumlate different types of pots and pans, plus their matching lids, and the stacking system became impractical. I would have to remove all the various frying pans and pots to get to the largest one at the bottom. This system drove me mad!

I did a little research and found the Toplife Expandable Pans Organiser Rack, with 10 Adjustable Compartments, on Amazon UK. It can be reconfigured 2 ways. Upright, if you have the cupboard space, and or horizontally, and placed in deep pull out drawers.

Toplife Expandable Pans Organiser Rack at Amazon UK, £17.90.


For me, it seemed it could be the perfect solution and it was! I purchased 2 racks, and reconfigured my kichen drawers. It is so easy to set up. I attached the 2 brackets, in one long track, and then before securing each flexible divider, I would gauge the size of my smaller pots, frying pans and lids, so that each would fit comfortably and snugly in each of their compartments. Voila! Doesn’t it look great?


One rack is for my pots & frying pans and the second rack is for lids and smaller frying pans


I have kept the large pots (for boiling water etc), and their lids in the deep drawer under my hob, but I set up the pans organiser racks in another deep pull out drawer, where I used to ‘house’ my childrens plastic plates, cups and baking items. Now that they are 10 and 8 years old, they use our everyday crockery and their tall plastic tumblers are kept with my glassware. The baking kits I gave to my friends with younger children.



Yes, that is me in the photo, showing off my Toplife Expandable Pans Organiser Racks! They really have helped me keep my pots and pans in order and in their place!

How do you store your pots and pans?

If you need any assistance on starting your own organising journey, please contact me for a confidential chat. I look forward to hearing from you, Elizabeth.

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