When you have a spare moment, spend 10 minutes doing a digital edit of your subscriptions, newsletters etc on your phone.

I love a bargain and I am very good at finding deals online! However, it does mean that when taking advantage of money off offers or registering with a new online business – I inevitably end up subscribing to their and possibly third party notifications! Which soon adds up to lots of digital clutter in my inbox!

Also, when trialling time limited free access to online services through apps you may have forgotten when the free trial ends and could be paying for a service you don’t use.

Luckily, you can check your paid app subscriptions on your phone pretty easily.

If you have an iPhone:
  • go to Settings >
  • Your Name >
  • Subscriptions.

You will see everything that’s active and when your next billing date is. You can easily cancel by clicking on any subscription.

On an Android:
  • go to Settings >
  • Google >
  • Manage your Google Account >
  • Payments & Subscriptions and continue from there.

When it comes to email subscriptions, services like www.Truebill.com help edit the task of finding and dealing with unwanted newsletters and promotions.

By spending 10 minutes sorting through your unwanted emails etc, hopefully this will make a dent in the avalanche of digital clutter that might not take up any physical space, but can be overwhelming and anxiety inducing when turning on your phone! Plus it could save you money!

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