I was inspired to create a designated “Coffee Station” on my kichen counter many years ago, after seeing on Pinterest the many creative ways my US counterparts, styled their coffee and tea areas into chic but practical vignettes.

Traditionally, “Coffee Stations” are designated areas within the kitchen, where all the equipment needed to make hot beverages, a coffee maker and possibly a kettle, are visible and within easy reach. They will be styled with a plethora of different sized coffee mugs, tea cups & saucers, (ideally all matching and in the same colour), sugar and cutlery, etc. either on open shelves, or placed on decorative trays, as depicted in the photo below:


Source: www.stampinfool.com


Our current “Coffee Station” has evolved over the years, with more “tools” being added to the mix! I try and keep the area minimally styled, as we have limited counter space and I also prefer a more streamlined aesthetic.


My home “Coffee Station”


Our “Coffee Station” houses our Nespresso coffee machine, coffee grinder, kettle, and Nespresso milk frother. These items are used daily.

I added some personality and colour to the area, by placing on a narrow wooden tray, my husband’s favourite Nespresso coffee capsules, which are contained in pretty glass & bamboo storage jars.


My “Coffee Station” is located below the cupboards – where I store my mugs etc. 


All the coffee mugs, latte drinking glass, tea cups & saucers etc. and a varied selection of beverages, we keep stored in our kitchen cupboards, above the “Coffee Station”. All the items are categorised and organised by product type.


The inside of my cupboards, where I have organised its contents by item type


When I edit and organise my client’s kitchens, one of the first areas I create (if one does not exist already), is a designated area for them to make hot beverages.

  1. We edit and streamline all their coffee mugs, tea cups etc. So that all chipped mugs are removed and any unwanted or unused items are donated to friends & family or a local charity.
  2. All the “to be kept” mugs and cups are organised and placed together by type and size, and stored on shelves inside the cupboard(s). This also includes, Thermos Flasks, the ones which you reach for regularly.
  3. The rarely used or seasonal items, are stored on the top shelves.

We follow the exact same process for all their beverages.

  1. Discarding any items that are out of date.
  2. Donating to the local foodbanks, those items that are still in date but overstocked and or will not be used.
  3. The beverages will be located either in the same cupboard with the coffee mugs etc. or depending on size of the space, or the quantity of the items, they will be stored in the adjacent cupboard.
  4. All of the aboves items will be located above or near the kettle or coffee maker.
  5. If the client does have the space to create a large “Coffee Station”, on the kitchen counter, then the purchase of a large wooden or lacquered tray, will house a small collection of coffee mugs, a sugar bowl, a small cluster of teaspoons, and the coffee & tea stored in canisters. This tray will be placed next to the coffee maker and or kettle.

It makes life easier, having all these similar items located in a specific area within the kitchen.

Below is a list of some of my current favourite “Coffee Station” items:


Denby Glaze Mug, £15.00 each




Coffee Canister Airtight, Shayson Stainless Steel Container for 635g/22.8oz Coffee Beans, 30ml Measure Spoon, £12:00




Wooden Serving Tray, Amazon UK, £20:00



Clear Acrylic Tea Storage Caddy, MDesign, £13:00




Ceramic Sugar Storage Jar and Spoon, Amazon UK, £12:00



KitchenCraft Le’Xpress Deluxe 4-Cup Glass, Stainless Steel Cafetière, 650 ml, £13:00



My dream future kitchen will have a bespoke designed “Coffee Garage”, so that all that is coffee and tea will be corralled together in a designated hidden cupboard. The one below looks so amazing!




If you need any assistance on starting your own organising journey, please contact me for a confidential chat. I look forward to hearing from you, Elizabeth.

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