Shop what you own is a concept that has gained momentum in recent months. The simple aim is to for those of you who are determined to be more eco-conscious this season, is to look at your wardrobe first before buying another outfit that you may only wear once.

Are you really making the most of the clothing and accessories you already have? Are you guilty of holding on to something that you’ll probably never wear again, for the wrong reasons? 

A decluttered closet is the first step to making your existing clothing selection work as hard as possible; after all, you’re unlikely to wear something if you’ve forgotten it’s even there.

Streamlining your wardrobe is not only good for the soul but good for the environment, too. As we educate ourselves more on how our choices affect the world around us, become more sustainable with fashion has never been more appealing.

Another sustainable alternative to high street fast fashion fads, is to shop vintage or buy preowned and even sell your designer items that no longer fit you or you no longer love, to specialist online platforms. 

There are lots of online options, Cudoni, Vestiaire Collective, Rebelle, Mon Vintage, Montato and many more! Or search for local boutique stores in your area, that buy and sell designer or vintage pieces.

These online and or boutique shops, provide a service for those wishing to sell and extend the life of their designer pieces, and curate a unique collection for buyers that empowers circularity in fashion. 

As Cudoni state on their site:

‘The circularity of fashion is a huge part when it comes to making fashion more sustainable; being able to pass on our loved pieces on will help reduce overproduction as well as extend the lifetime of your clothes’.

Will you be ‘shopping’ your own wardrobe this party season? 

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