Shoes glorious shoes!

I love shoes and so does my client!

My client has bespoke fitted wardrobes and cleverly included a floor to ceiling, shoe pull out cabinet, as part of the design.

The issue my client had, was that she did not have a system in place when organising her shoes and many were still be kept in their original boxes. Due to the lack of visibility, she had forgotten which shoes she had!

We started by removing every shoe from within the cupboard and their storage boxes. Like Cinderella, my client tried on the shoes she was unsure of and or hadn’t worn in awhile and those that didn’t make the cut were put in a donation pile.

I then sorted each shoe by type, colour and heel height.

Before replacing the shoes into the pull out unit, we adjusted the shelves, so that they were more evenly spread out and to maximise the space available.

Her evening shoes were placed back in the top section of the unit in clear boxes (I need to order a few more in the correct size). My client’s summer flip flop style sandals were grouped together in clear plastic boxes and placed at the back of the unit – as they’re currently out of season.

As we were tight on space (there were lots of gorgeous shoes), at my client’s request I arranged them by colour, but starting with sandals, open toes first etc. The good news is that they all fitted and now my client can easily see all her beautiful shoes.



If you need my helping in creating efficient clothing systems within your wardrobes, please call me on 07533330115 or email me, I’d love to hear from you 🌸

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