A toddler’s wardrobe transformation! 

From clothing chaos to calm and manageable categorised systems that are easy to maintain!

My client wanted to overhaul her son’s wardrobe and introduce new organised systems within the wardrobe and drawers.


My client and I managed to do a lot in a 4-hour session! We edited all of his clothing within the wardrobes and organised the items stored within the built-in cupboards.

I used a combination of children’s sustainable wooden trouser clip hangers from @thehangerstore and children’s grey velveteen slim-line hangers from @amazon to hang all of his daily clothes and reception/school uniform (including stored uniform from his older brother for future use). I organised his drawers by clothing type; underwear, PJs etc.

The Hanger Store wooden trouser clip hangers, pack of 10:


Amazon Basics Kids Grey Velvet slimline hanger:


His caps were hung on the inside door using Clear Command Hooks. Easy to grab and go!

PRO TIP: I recommend that my clients sort and categorise their children’s school, sports and general underwear and store in separate smaller compartments. Children tend to have multiple socks and undergarments used for different types of activities. This will help them (and you) identify which type they need to use every day and for each type of activity.

At the end of the session, I took away 4 sackfuls filled with clothing, nappies and toy donations!

I enjoy introducing functional & stylish storage systems to manage my clients and their family’s organisational dilemmas, that are easy to maintain and support their daily lifestyles!

If you need my help in editing and organising your children’s bedroom, toys & clothing, please get in touch for a free discovery call on 07533330115.

I can’t wait to hear from you, Elizabeth 🌸

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