A ‘Before & After’ transformation of a Utility/Laundry Room


How the space was transformed:

* The objective of the space was to have all the cleaning items, personal products, medicine etc neatly stored and labelled in each of their containers.

* I measured the space and purchased the IKEA white storage boxes in the large size, as 2 boxes would comfortably fit alongside each other on each shelf. LIFE TIP: I prefer using plastic storage boxes in utility & laundry spaces, as they contain spills and are easier to clean.

* All the products were taken out of each section. I try and avoid overwhelm by removing items from only one cupboard at a time.

* I gave each shelf a good wipe down and clean.

* Each item was then edited, categorised and then placed into each relevant container; dishwasher, laundry, cleaning products etc.

* I then labelled each storage box, using Chalkboard Labels, the ones I used are from @AmazonUK and are priced at £6:99. They’re easy to remove. 

* If you don’t like the look of the labels and want something a little more subtle, you could use a label maker and place the sticker directly on each shelf.

* Everything is now categorised, neatly stored and labelled! No more items tumbling out each time a cupboard door is opened! 🤕!

Please check out my video on YouTube to see the Before & After transformation:



If you need advice and or in-home help with your spring clean, please touch base with me by either the Contact Box or call me directly on 07533330115. I look forward to speaking with you.


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