From disorganised chaos to manageable categorised systems that are easy to maintain.

This was an area stuffed to the brim with forgotten & unworn clothing, mixed with personal and sentimental belongings, and lots of children’s old books & toys.

My client’s vision was to clear the space, safely store their special family mementoes (lots of childhood clothing), and have easy access to their seasonal decor.





The project took a total of 8 hours, spread over 2 sessions.

My client kindly removed items from the loft (before each session) for me to process in small manageable chunks within their bedroom.

I used 8 of the 100% Recycled 64L Really Useful Boxes to organise and store their personal mementoes and some of their seasonal decor. I labelled each of the boxes with bespoke labels visible from different viewpoints.

The majority of the items that my client no longer wanted, used or needed will be either be taken away by their Local Authority Recycling Scheme and/or donated to their favourite local charities. In total there were over 15 sackfuls of clothing, shoes and bags, and 4 large boxes filled with books.

The space is now clear and all the storage areas and labelled boxes are easy to navigate and access.

I enjoy introducing functional storage systems to manage my clients and their family’s organisational dilemmas, that are easy to maintain and support their daily lifestyles!

I’ve been running my business for over 3 years and I’ve helped and supported many clients to edit & organise their homes & lives!

If you need my help with transforming your home – please contact me for a FREE 30-minute discovery call on 07533330115 or click here on the Contact Form to get in touch!.

I can’t wait to hear from you, Elizabeth 🌸

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