It’s not housework it’s fun work!

I worked with a lovely couple in editing and organising their kitchen. The main issue was a lack of efficient storage systems, as there was no designated place for food, kitchenware or cleaning products!

I removed all expired food, wiped down the inside of the cupboards with hot soapy water, before replacing all in-date food items in categorised sections within the kitchen cupboards.

I created more space by removing items that my client no longer used and or did not live within the kitchen space. I was then able to rehome all the pots and pans (as they were being stored on the hob), into the cupboard above the built-in oven.

I also corralled all the kitchen cleaning products into one place, under the kitchen sink.

After the session and as part of my “after care service”, I emailed my client, a list of recommended products, at different price points, based on the discussions we had whilst decluttering and organising their kitchen. The items listed were to help keep the area organised, and also help them long term with food sustainability and keeping some of their kitchen ware neatly and safely stored. Key recommendations included, storage for their basic staples like pasta, rice and cereals, to keep the food items preserved for longer and easily accessible. Also, a cutlery drawer with built in knife holders, to store their vast collection of Thai knives.

Storage Containers with pop up lids:

Storage containers for cereal and pasta:

Storage containers for Spaghetti:

Sink tidy:

Kitchen Drawer: Expandable cutlery drawer with an internal knife block (for 6 knives x 2: 12)

Egg basket storage:

3 general Storage baskets to store eggs, bread and their tech neatly stored!




If you need my help in maximising the space in your kitchen or help you create efficient storage systems, please call me on 07533330115 or email me, I’d love to hear from you 🌸

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