A client’s entry closet reveal!

My client’s core objectives for this space were for it to be neater, less congested with coats, accessories, shopping bags etc, and for items to be easily visible, accessible and grabable!



The space appeared to be compact and narrow. But once it had been cleared of all coats, shoes and shopping bags, the discovery of the extra space at the back of the cupboard was a win!

We moved the coat rack, which was screwed into one of the stair treads, further back, to create more room within the cupboard.

All excess coats and summer items were removed/donated and returned to my client’s family wardrobes.

All loose trainers were placed in the overdoor shoe hanging rack. Winter shoes/boots were placed in my client’s cubbies for easy access.

I sorted through all my client’s plastic shopping bags and recycled those that were no longer needed.

Within the 4-hour session, we decluttered and organised the 2 entry dressers, creating lots of space, to now store my clients and children’s accessories. All their winter scarves/gloves were sorted into 3 categories; adults, children’s and children’s school uniform and placed in each of their own designated drawers.

Now my client and their children can…

☑️ Save time by not searching for things, as everything is now clearly visible and accessible
☑️ Easily tell other family members where they can find their shoes, hat, school bag!
☑️ Get out of the door faster
☑️ Enjoy entering the space, now that everything is neatly corralled and everything has its own space

I enjoy introducing functional & stylish storage systems to manage my clients and their family’s organisational dilemmas, that are easy to maintain and support their daily lifestyles!

If you need my help in editing and organising your home, please get in touch for a free discovery call on 07533330115.

I can’t wait to hear from you, Elizabeth 🌸

Let’s Get Organised Together!

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