A tween girl’s bedroom transformation!

The brief from my client’s daughter was to have all her clothing neatly hung and/or folded and most importantly, easy to maintain.

Plus, for everything, especially all the items for her extracurricular activities, to be easily accessible so she can grab & go!

My tween requested that the colour theme be both purple and grey. I used gorgeous hangers from a UK based company, called Mustard UK. They sell both adult and children’s hangers, in a plethora of pretty colours!

I also used large drawer organisers to organise and categorise underwear in the tween’s chest of drawers. These are great for corralling and containing different items neatly. I also created specific systems within the drawers for school, sports and daily life. Labelling each section will help keep each divider under control, the tween will know where everything is and where it should be returned!

The bedroom transformation was a wonderful project and my client, is very happy with her organised wardrobe and chest of drawers makeover!





Please find below the storage products I used to organise the tween’s bedroom:


Fabric storage boxes for jeans/jeggings and pyjamas: 

Children’s purple metal & wooden hangers:
Alternative children’s hangers, these velvet slim-line style hangers, are both a pretty and inexpensive option:

Clothing drawer dividers for chest of drawers, we used this pretty 12 piece set:

Another option and great value set:

If you need my help with transforming your child’s bedroom & clothing areas, please contact me to arrange a complimentary consultation on 07533330115. I’d love to hear from you, Elizabeth 🌸

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