Summer seasonal wardrobe swap! ☀️

The summer and the glorious sunshine has arrived in the UK and it’s time to unveil our white limbs and embrace our lightweight summer clothing!

The below video focuses on summer dresses. Swapping out the heavier winter garments for gorgeous linens and cottons.



  • I don’t have a walk-in wardrobe – so I have to have seasonal swaps and store my clothing in secure, waterproof storage boxes in my loft. I highly recommend the Really Useful Boxes
  • I always recommend focusing on one area of your wardrobe at a time – as it can be overwhelming doing it all on the same day, especially if you have lots of clothes!
  • Start by removing all garments from the section of your wardrobe, placing them on your bed and removing them from their hangers.
  • Fold each item neatly and place in your storage box. I always pop in a couple of new anti pest sachets, to protect the clothing whilst their stored away.
  • Vacumn and dust the inside of your wardrobe before hanging any clothing.
  • Then hang your garments, in this instance skirts & dresses and sort by length of sleeve; Start with sleeveless (spaghetti straps go first), short sleeve, and end with your long-sleeved items. I highly recommend investing in velvet slim line hangers – they’re perfect for your summer items, especially for securely holding thin straps and silky items
  • Then within each category, segment by colour, starting with the lightest first. With mixed prints, you can either “mix them in” by their dominant colour or you can have them categorised separately at the end of each clothing type. I have opted for my busier prints to be hung after each colour category.
  • By arranging hanging items by garment type, sleeve style, and colour, will not only help you to see what you own but make getting dressed in the mornings less stressful!.

Have you done your seasonal summer swap? Any tips you’d like to share?

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