I love a Pantry edit & organise!

My client’s pantry had no food placement and storage systems. The brief from my client was for everything to have a designated space and be user friendly for the whole family.

I started working on my client’s pantry by removing all their food items, and checking that all items were still in date, and not stale.

I gave all the shelving a good clean before placing all the storage solutions in place. I’d measured the space in a previous session and sent my client a list of recommended storage solutions.

This is the fun part, grouping like-for-like products together and constantly keeping in mind how all family members can easily and safely access items within the pantry.

I used expandable shelves, with bamboo detailing, to maximise all the wonderful vertical height on the 2 lower shelves.

The doors on the small cupboard were removed, giving easier access to the pretty glass & bamboo jars, filled with pasta, rice, flour, sugar and dried fruit.

I was even able to create a designated spice section. I used a bamboo expandable shelf and filled these gorgeous spice jars (slightly bigger) and used the bespoke labels (they came with).




I then created labels using my label maker and added them to these clip-on badges for the baskets and or directly onto the storage jars, turntables and clear storage boxes. With labelling, there are bespoke options, where you can create and order your own pretty labels from third party suppliers. There are lots of options on Etsy.





Below are sources to the items I recommended to my client and we used to transform and update her pantry. I’ve also listed other tried & tested products too:

Food storage, cereals, pasta, flour etc (I always recommend square shaped containers as they’re more space saving):
Clear storage boxes:
Lazy Susan Turntable:
Wooden & metal options for dry food e.g., snacks, crisps:
Expandable shelves (for tins etc):
Vegetable storage:
Expandable shelves:
Spice jars:

My client is so pleased with the outcome! The pantry has become organised, with everything in its place!

If you need my help in editing and organising your food, kitchen and or pantry, please call me on 07533330115 or email me, Elizabeth@thelifestyleorganiser.com. I’d love to hear from you 🌸

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