I recently worked with my client to help bring a neater and simpler organisational system to his clothing storage areas. Primarily his wardrobe and large dresser.

My client has a beautiful wardrobe which is a family heirloom. It has a double sized hanging space with built in shelves on the top and to one side of it. So I needed to be creative, as he’d already gone through all his garments and so the objective was to maximise the space as much as possible to accommodate all his clothing.




My client owns lots of shirts and suits. With limited space and to preserve the quality of the garments, I swapped out all the dry-cleaning hangers for sturdy but slim-line metal/wood combo ones from UK.Mustardmade.com



Clip Hangers, perfect for trousers:


I rehung and colour co-ordinated all his suits, shirts, ties and belts – to create a visually and seamless look within the wardrobe. I reused my client’s metal drop down top hangers, to maximise the space within the wardrobe.

An identical product, Metal drop hanger:


I folded all his trousers, shorts, tops and jumpers and did a seasonal swap – so all his winter items are now on display and easily accessible. This will help my client getting dressed in the mornings much more straightforward!

I’m so pleased with my client’s wardrobe transformation!

If you need my help in editing and organising your clothing, please call me on 07533330115 or email me, Elizabeth@thelifestyleorganiser.com. I’d love to hear from you 🌸

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