A loft transformation!

I’ve been working with an amazing couple in bringing order to their large loft space.

The decluttering and organisation of the loft was a huge project and took 4 sessions to complete.

There were lots of packing boxes, containing a variety of different items, including paperwork (both personal and work-related), childhood toys, lots of books & DVDs, clothing and miscellaneous items.

The loft access was directly off the main landing on the 2nd floor. I created a processing station on the 1st floor landing and my client and I, begun going through the items that were located by the entrance to the loft door. We worked our way through a number of boxes and bags, finally being able to create some space, so that by the second session we could actually work within the loft itself (but still using the processing station on the 1st floor landing, to place donations, recycling, rubbish and items to be kept).

Over the 4 sessions, we removed many boxes of books, thankfully my car has a large boot, and I was able to take all of the books, after one of our sessions, directly to my local charity. Over the 4 sessions, my client’s donated many bags of clothing, toys and small general household items.

It even became a family affair, when both son’s, who were both home from university, during one of the sessions, came and assisted with going through their own personal boxes, which were filled with school memorabilia, toys and gadgets.

The ‘bit’ that took the longest for my clients, was sifting through boxes and boxes of paperwork and personal information.

I created memory boxes for each family member. On my recommendation, the client purchased 9 boxes of 64L sized Really Useful Boxes (ASDA Supermarket has the best deal, a 3 pack for £24 plus postage). I labelled each one with each family member’s name and also created other boxes for important family documents etc.

I created designated zones for different items within the lift space. Starting from the left handside by the entrance and running along the underside of the roof until the back, we located the toys, grouped by type, i.e. lego all together, Nerf guns, children’s books etc. On the opposite side, by the right hand side of the loft door, are items that the family need to access readily and easily. Followed by a mid section storing equipment for a vast array of hobbies, then the storage of the Really Useful boxes and finally a section where I placed spare packaging, next to the tall bookcase.

The “after” video was actually taken 2 months after we finished sorting through the space. I’m so pleased that my client’s have maintained the area and that their sons, when visiting their home, are still working their way through the few remaining boxes of their personal items.



I’m continuing to work with my client’s in their home, by creating an office space in a room currently being used for general storage. I’ll post the transformation once the project is completed!

If you need my helping in organising your home, please call me on 07533330115 or email me, Elizabeth@thelifestyleorganiser.com. I’d love to hear from you 🌸

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