A guest room edit & organise!

Nothing beats a good declutter! I organised my client’s guest bedroom into a welcoming but still a multi-functioning space!

My client’s spare bedroom used to be her daughter’s bedroom and still had some of her belongings; toys, school projects, books etc. Also, the room had become a dumping ground for gift wrapping, miscellaneous items and lots of extra bedding that was being stored on top of the bed.

The plan of action, was to declutter the under-bed drawers, which would be the perfect place to store the spare bedding and also be easily accessible.

The items located in the drawers were either returned to the playroom, her daughter’s new room and or be stored away, and the school work and arts & crafts, were placed into a memory box.

I always recommend investing in the 35L Really Useful Box with suspension files (you can purchase additional A4 files to maximise the storage available within the box) to store paperwork and or children’s memorabilia.

Really Useful Box, 35 L (please note – does not come with suspension files):


A4 Suspension files:


If you’re limited on space, these Really Useful Boxes, 19L are a perfect alternative (still stackable but smaller than the 35L version):


To maximise the space within the drawers and to effectively store all the extra bedding, I used vacuum bags to store away pillows, comforters and duvets.

Vacuum Storage Bags 6 Bags – 2 Jumbo + 2 Extra Large + 2 Medium:


Incredibly Strong Premium Space Saving Vacuum Bags Storage, 6 x EXTRA LARGE (100x80cm):


I placed the vacuum-packed bedding into the drawers – so that they were easily accessible for future use. The added bonus is that my client has a home for spare guest bedding!

I organised the gift wrapping into two separate piles. The dresser was a perfect place to store these items neatly away. One drawer was used for Christmas wrapping and cards and a second drawer become a designated general gift wrapping area.

I used Gift Wrapping Storage bags to store the gift wrapping items, they fitted neatly within the dresser drawers.

Heavy Duty, Rip Resistant 600D Oxford Fabric Gift Wrap Storage Organiser Bags with 3 Compartments:





If your guest room or even your own bedroom needs some TLC, please contact me to arrange a complimentary consultation on 07533330115. I’d love to hear from you, Elizabeth 🌸

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