New beginnings! Banishing the clutter to reclaim back my client’s dining room!

The vision for my client for this space was to declutter, remove & organise all the items within the room, and for them to be either kept & rehomed, donated, recycled and/or discarded.

The main aim, was so that the space could finally become a designated formal dining room.

Since moving into their home, nearly 2 years ago, my client’s dining room, had become their ‘catch-all’ room. They’d been busily setting up their home, redecorating the main family areas, and as they have a gorgeous kitchen diner, there was no pressing need to get this room set-up.

The Process

My client and I worked together to process and sort through all the items being stored in the room. My client was very decisive and we filled my car boot with lots of wonderful children’s toys, clothing & shoes, and decorative items, that have already been donated to the St. Christopher Hospice, in Bury St Edmunds.

We created a small pile of items, that belong to her husband, and left those in the room (to be processed by him). The black IKEA cart we will be reusing for another project within my client’s home and the Peleton exercise bike will be shortly rehomed in their new gym space.

My client’s can now start selecting furniture for their newly reclaimed dining room, just in time for Christmas!



I enjoy helping my clients convert their cluttered homes, into functional, practical and stylish spaces!

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