With the arrival of spring, the warmer and longer days, people’s eagerness to refresh their homes has never felt so timely.

A spring refresh of de-cluttering any physical items in your home is a great place to start. It may feel overwhelming knowing where to begin, but if you follow my 5 simple tips, it is far more enjoyable than it being a negative chore. 

1. Before you start – let’s get prepared

The only supplies you need to start the process is to have plenty of rubbish bags to hand and a couple of large boxes. I then assign each container for rubbish, recycling donations, and selling. Put your favourite music on and make sure you have some treats to enjoy in your well-earned breaks.

2. Start with one room

My advice would be to start with one room and tackle all the visible clutter first.

Focusing on the floors, and surfaces and open shelves. Throw away the visible rubbish and remove items that don’t belong in that room. Then work through individual areas or piles of items that are out in the open. Once you’ve decluttered all the visible clutter in that room, you can either start tackling the hidden spaces, such as cupboards and drawers. 

3. Arghhh but there’s so much stuff!

Start small. The process can be overwhelming! Whilst putting the kettle on, sort through your crockery cupboard. Remove all chipped mugs and or donate those ‘freebie’ mugs that you don’t use. Any in-date coffee and or specialist tea that you don’t drink (and is still unopened), take a pic and put on the OLIO app. Someone locally may want it!

4. What about cleaning?

One of the biggest advantages of streamlining your spaces, is that you will be able to clean your home more easily. Have to hand some cleaning supplies and quickly go over the super dusty areas if you are still editing what belongings you have in each space. Come back for a deep clean once the room has been decluttered and organised.

5. It doesn’t all have to be done in a day!

Please remember, the spring refresh doesn’t all have to be done in a day or even over a weekend! The end goal is about creating more space in your home and living with less stress in clutter-free spaces.

By seeing what you’ve achieved so far, with throwing away and removing visible clutter will create a sense of job satisfaction and will hopefully incentivise you to keep going.

If you need advice and or in-home help with your spring clean, please touch base with me by either the Contact Box or call me directly on 07533330115. I look forward to speaking with you.


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