An organised kitchen can save you money, help you preserve your food for longer and reduce food waste! 💫

In the past few years, The average food shop bill for UK households has risen by £454 per year amid the surge in food and drink prices.

But recent figures claim that UK households are wasting up to £60 a month by storing their food incorrectly and in the wrong places.

I know, it’s so easy for food to get lost in the vast expanses of your pantry, cupboards and fridge/freezer!

But by putting in place some simple and organised systems in your kitchen, will not only make your food last longer, but will help to reduce waste and save you money in the long term!



Here’s what to do:

✅Take everything out and give everything a good clean
✅Go through items, remove anything that is past the use by date. Donate unopened duplicates or food items that you won’t eat to your local food bank
✅Group items into like for like categories – take an inventory of items that need to be replenished
✅Create zones of food categories within the spaces within your cupboards and fridge
✅Transfer your pantry essentials such as rice, sugar, flour, nuts, cereals etc into clear see through canisters with airtight lids – as it will keep them fresh for longer
✅ Make it visual – clear storage will help you be able to see when you are running low
✅ Boxes & or containers will keep the food item corralled securely – no spills
✅The right container will maximise the space in your pantry and or cupboard but remember to measure before buying!

I enjoy helping my client’s save money by introducing practical and yet simple organisational systems in their kitchens & pantries that are easy to maintain and support their daily lifestyles!

I’ve been running my professional home organising business for over 3 years and I’ve helped and supported many clients to declutter & organise their homes & lives!

If you need my help with transforming your home – please contact me for a FREE 30-minute discovery call on 07533330115 or click here on the Contact Form to get in touch!.

I can’t wait to hear from you, Elizabeth 🌸

Let’s Get Organised Together!

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