Goodbye Christmas 2023!

Saying goodbye to Christmas and all the decor can be bitter sweet!

But setting up storage solutions for all your lovely baubles and seasonal decor, will make the process of taking down and storing them away much easier and stress free!



I highly recommend stackable and sturdy plastic storage boxes to store your Christmas decorations (internal dividers optional!).

Not only will the plastic containers protect the items, they’re clear so you can see what’s being stored in them, they’re space saving (as they’re stackable) and they can all be all stored together in the same area in your loft, garage or your allocated space.

I’ve been using plastic containers to store my seasonal decor for many years. They’ve been a worthwhile investment and some I’ve owned for a long time!

My go to are without out a doubt, the @reallyusefulproducts. In the box sizes, 43L (perfect for storing your rolls of seasonal wrapping paper & ribbon) and the larger storage boxes 64L & 83L & 84L to store all of my Christmas decor.

Pack of 3 x 43L Really Useful Boxes:

64L Really Useful Box:

Pack of 3: 2 x 84L & 1 x 64 L Really Useful Boxes:

Pack of 3 x 83L Really Useful Boxes:,default,pd.html?

Below are some of my other favourite storage boxes if you are looking for a more compact/space saving solution:

Strata Smart 36 Bauble Storage Box with Dividers:

Really Useful Plastic Storage Box 35 Litre with Compartments Clear:

I try to keep the original packaging for my baubles and/or use lots of bubble wrap to individually wrap larger and more delicate items and place in cardboard shoe boxes for extra protection (and then carefully stack within the Really Useful Box).

As we have 2 Christmas trees, I’ve created dedicated boxes of baubles for each of the trees (I use different colour themes/decor for each!).

I also keep the general decor in their own designated boxes, lights, candles, ceramics etc ! It just helps keep the unpacking and packing away of my Christmas decor so less stressful!

I enjoy introducing functional & stylish storage systems to manage my clients and their family’s organisational dilemmas, that are easy to maintain and support their daily lifestyles!

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