Declutter, Declutter, Declutter!



The key to creating and maintaining a calm and nurturing home is to declutter little and often.

Decluttering always comes before organising

It’s the process of letting go of your surplus belongings, that you don’t use, love and are contributing to the unnecessary stress in your home and life.

The focus is to review and reduce.

Ask yourself these key questions:

⏩ Do I use it?
⏩ Do I even like it?
⏩ Where would I find it if I needed it?
⏩ Is there space for this item within my home?

Think about where the excess items can go; to friends & family, donated to charity, sold, be recycled. It’s thinking creatively and sustainably, avoiding landfill as much as possible!

Please try and not view it as a chore, but as an act of self-care. A gift to you that brings back not only space but helps you to create a home that you love – a home that reflects who you are and the life you want to live.

To maintain your home in the long-term, the process of decluttering needs to become part of your lifestyle and not just seen as a one off project. Otherwise, your home will quickly become filled with ‘stuff’ again.

As Helen Sanderson, a psychotherapist and author of The Secret Life Of Clutter says: “Your home is like a garden. It’s a living, breathing space. It needs cleaning and loving and caring for and maintaining”.

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