A garage declutter transformation!

I worked with my lovely client with decluttering her garage in late May.

The weather wasn’t playing ball and it rained on us a few times! But we persevered regardless and managed to clear around 90% of her personal items.

We’ve a few boxes left to tackle but overall I’m feeling very pleased with the progress we made.

My client hired a huge skip, so all broken items were discarded in there, all personal & business paperwork were placed in brand new 6 x 64L sized Really Useful Boxes (to sort through, file or shred on another day). I took away 6 large bags of clothing donations!



My client’s vision is to create a gym in this amazing space!

A few tips that I recommend when clearing out outbuildings, garages etc:

1) Wait until the warmer summer months but try and do it early or later in the season when it isn’t so hot! Also, select a day when the forecast is expected to be dry.
2) Book at least a few days off, as it can take time!
3) Hire a skip and or book your slot at the local recycling centre.
4) Have water to hand and pace yourself.
5) Have some new packing or clear plastic boxes to hand – so you can transfer items you want to keep, especially if the old boxes are damaged or damp.
6) Label boxes – so you know what’s in them!
7) Create zones within the garage, shed etc for tools, bikes, gardening equipment etc.

The project was completed in one 4-hour session!

Get in touch!

If you need any help setting up a maintenance routine, and or need my support to declutter & organise your home, I’d love to hear from you, please email me at Elizabeth@thelifestyleorganiser.com

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