My workout clothes are an integral part of my core wardrobe. As I exercise most days, I have needed to create a system, which has evolved over the years, to store all my different types and styles of gym wear. Surprisingly, I have built up quite the collection! I do have a check, review and cull of some of the items every 6 months or so, especially of the sports bras and socks.

As my gym wear has become a part of my everyday uniform, I wear a fresh set of sports clothing each day, therefore, I need to have them neatly stored and easily accessible. I have accrued a wide selection of leggings: short and longer lengths, from the staple plain black ones to snazzy and vibrant coloured styles; to a plethora of vests, t-shirts, hoodies, zip up running jackets, joggers, etc. I also have a stockpile of sports socks, from footsies, ankle and mid length styles (which I wear depending on the weather). I also, have to factor in my sports bras and my “sports” knickers (that categorically must be specifically non VPL – non visible panty liner!).

I store the majority of the foldable workout items in my dresser or wardrobe drawers. I find this is a more practical option for me, as not only is it space saving, it makes life easier to view and select a specific item of clothing. I hang my running zip up jackets, in my “Jacket & Coats” wardrobe. My bigger “puffer” and waterproof coats, they come out in autumn, and they are hung in our Utility Room.


My “sports wear” drawers 



My sports joggers and sweatshirts / hoodies drawer


There are 2 options on how to fold and store your leggings, the “Fold and Roll” and the “Fold and Tuck” techniques. I store my leggings by using the “Fold and Roll” technique, as seen in my previous post “4 smart and crease free ways to store your jeans”. This specific technique, I find very useful when the dresser drawers are narrow in depth. It is a real space saver, and you can create tighter and slimmer rolls.

Please view my video tutorial below, on how to fold using the “Fold and Roll” Technique:



The “Fold and Tuck” technique is great for stacking your leggings in your wardrobe and or in your cupboard shelves. But you can still use this technique, by adopting a roll at the end, and place in your wider and deeper depth dresser drawers.

Please view my video tutorial below, on how to fold using the “Fold and Tuck” Technique:




I then divide the drawer into sections, and categorise by clothing type. You can purchase extendable drawer dividers (available in bamboo and acrylic styles) and or internal fabric containers “pockets” to help you with the process.

I commence by placing my leggings, starting from the right hand side of the drawer, by length order; from cycle shorts, to knee length, to mid-calf, and then finally ankle length, all working backwards (creating a line from the front of the drawer to the back). I start with the darkest colours first, as I always seem to reach for my black leggings.


My gym leggings and sports t-shirts folded and stored in my dresser drawer


I then, having folded my vests and t-shirts, using the “Vertical Fold” technique, I begin to place my vests, then t-shirts, again in straight lines, working from the front to the back of the drawers.

Please view my 2 video tutorials below, on how to fold, your sports vests and t-shirts, using the “Vertical Fold” technique.





The majority of my sports bras have some padding or are padded. So I simply, fold them into each individual bra cup and stack them, slightly overlapping, in my drawer.


My sports bra and “footsie” sports socks drawer


As stated above, I have quite a few sports socks in a variety of different styles. Disclaimer! I tend to fold my socks in a variety of ways. However, frustratingly, I found that particularly with the “footsies” sock style, they tended to lose their twin in my drawers. When I discovered the “Footsie Fold”, it changed everything! This technique, keeps them corralled, all very snugly and neatly, like little moles lined up!

Please view my video tutorial, on how to fold using the “Footsie Fold” Technique:




Inspired by Natasha, a Digital Creator, at Effective Spaces, I have recreated her gym bundle folding technique, otherwise nicknamed by my husband, the “Burrito Bundle Fold”. This technique, is not only extremely practical and useful for packing all your gym clothing in one perfect bundle (so you do not forget any of your gym items plus it is space saving in your gym bag). The bonus, is that if you are going away for a long weekend, you can use it to create and pack a specific outfit ensemble, or two! But you can use the technique for your entire family. It has so many wonderful uses, for storing yours and your family’s pyjamas, to keeping your children’s extra-curricular uniforms all in one place etc. I love it!

Please check out my video tutorial below, on how to fold using the “Burrito Bundle” Technique:




Have you tried one of the folding techniques above? How did you get on?

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