Let’s roll with it!

I have limited wardrobe and shelf space. So I have had to create a system where I can store my jeans in an accessible and space saving way. My solution, is to only hang my formal trousers in my wardrobe and to store my jeans in my chest of drawers.

Full disclosure, as I own quite a few pairs of jeans, all different styles and cuts, I have found this is the best way to store them. My black and grey jeans are stored in the same way and are located in the drawer below my blue ones.



My jeans stored using the fold and roll technique


Please watch the tutorials below, of me showing you how to fold your jeans.

The first video is the “Fold and Roll technique”. Perfect for placing your jeans in narrow depth drawers and or small suitcases.

The second video is the “Fold and Tuck technique”. Perfect for placing your jeans in larger depth drawers and or for stacking on shelves.





Let’s hang out with these smart looking wooden hangers with clips

If you have the room in your wardrobe to hang your jeans, then these wooden hangers are great for preventing creases and keeping your jeans neatly hung.

I find that using traditional trouser hangers, by hanging the jeans over the bar, can sometimes create more bulk and also there is a temptation to double hang more than one pair, so it is harder to locate specific items.

These wooden hangers, from Amazon UK, are strong, take up less room in your wardrobe and they also look pretty in your closet.



Wooden hangers from Amazon: 8 hangers for £13.99


Embrace the S-hooks

S-hooks are a perfect option for hanging jeans from the belt loops, as they don’t take up excess wardrobe and shelf space.

It is a great method to store your jeans, especially, if you only own a few pairs.

I also use the S-hook to hang my summer shorts. They look really snazzy hanging in my wardrobe!

The S-hooks have multiple uses and work fantastically well for corralling accessories such as belts and scarves.



ACMETOP S Hooks, 12 Pack Aluminum S Shaped Hooks, £6.99


How do you store your jeans?

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